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Hair Transplant Cost and Care

Hair Growth Vitamins

Loosing hair must be the toughest thing to handle. There are so many reasons why one may be losing hair. It can be;

  • Unhealthy eating
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Lack of vitamins

Unhealthy Eating

We also want to give you some information about how to grow hair faster. Naturally our bodies need vitamins to grow and so does the hair. The more natural the better for a healthy lifestyle. For example meat has biotin in it, which helps with hair growth and also is good for our blood. However instead of buying frozen meat it is best to buy raw meat and cook it instantly the same goes for fruit. Fruit have various of vitamins such as Vitamin D and zinc, when eating fruits, it is always best to buy the fresh even better with no import and exportation.

Unhealthy diet doesn’t always mean junk foods such as hamburgers, French fries and so on… But of course these food must be eliminated and focus on getting healthy food for a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy hair. As for unhealthy food can be the reason for greasy hair and lightweight hair, lack of vitamins can be the reason for thinning hair or hair loss.
Read more on certain foods and their impact on our hair and health here:


Stress can be caused by life problems, stress, illness and so on. If one is experiencing some kind of stress one may also notice the possibility of white or grey hair. If you are going through some kind of stress and are noticing thinning hair, take caution and act on it. Take hair vitamins, which contain zinc, biotin and Vitamin D and buy some really good shampoos that contain mint or peppermint. Preferably when buying shampoos best option is to buy them from a salon, as the super market shampoos and conditioners won’t be as profession.
Read more on how to take care of stressed hair and scalp here:
https://queenstostyle.com/how-to-stop-thinning-hair/ .

Stress can also be the reason for alopecia, dandruff, dry scalp, excessive oily scalp and so on. Which in this case one will need to turn to medical shampoos and even treatments if necessary. Medical shampoos will include the ingredients of peppermint and mint, and must be done in a daily or weekly routine.
For more information on medical hair care click here: http://queenstostyle.com/scalp-conditions/


Unfortunately we have no control over Illness, It comes and it hits us when its least expected. Certain illness contains treatments of a chemo therapy. The chemotherapy has a certain light that the scalp and body will be weak to handle. As why it may effect hair loss which is very common. However, with the help of some best shampoos that contain the ingredients of peppermint and / or mint will help the scalp to revive. One can’t expect full results immediately but the shampoos will help the hair to grow healthier and stronger. Although if you have a patch of baldness and you went through a chemo therapy treatment, the patch of baldness will not revive. This is because that area is dead. However where there was hair before the chemo therapy treatment , that part will definitely revive stronger.

Read more on how to treat scalp and hair while chemotherapy here :

Lack of Vitamins

As I mentioned before it is natural for a human body to need vitamins. If for whatever reason one can’t have vitamins through healthy eating, one may find other ways.

  • Sachets and Hair Growth Vitamins.
  • Sachets that are to be mixed with water each sachet contain vitamin C and zinc, therefore these are easily purchased from any local pharmacy.
  • Hair Growth Vitamins contain biotin, vitamin D and C and zinc, which can be purchased online and at your local hair salon. If your hair salon doesn’t have it in stock you can always ask them to order it for you. It will be the same price as in retail.

Unfortunately for all those people who are reading this article a bit too late have no hair left, these options are not required for you. However there are are other options for you such as Hair transplant and temporary wigs.


Wigs are a very good idea for those people who don’t want to commit to having permanent hair. One can purchase a wig online or at a wigs store. I would suggest buying a wig from a wig’s store as you can feel the texture and see the actual length. wigs can be bought both synthetic hair or real hair or one can mix theme both together. The difference is this:

Synthetic hair: This type of hair is a plastic material, it won’t be as soft but people will not know that the hair is synthetic, however they may figure it out if one touches it. This hair can be cut but can’t be dyed, blow dried or have any chemical access to it as if it does it will burn and break.
Real hair: This type of hair is much handier. You can change your style, colour it and have any chemical service on it. The one thing wigs have in common is this : Be careful on any haircut you may be achieving to them because it is still not real and it still won’t grow back long as how it was before.

Hair Transplant

98 percent of hair transplants are a success when processed right. However hair transplants are usually done for people with thinning hair and are done on existing hair, however there are cases where it has been done on bald scalp and it was a success. Therefore one has to try it because it doesn’t work the same on everyone. But I believe that such treatments will have some kind of effect, of course you will see small results at first but this is not a one-time session thing. it contains a few sessions. Sessions cost around $4,000 to $15000 per session. Quite expensive I must agree, but again you get what you pay for. Before you purchase your service make sure that whoever is doing the transplant for you has a lot of experience and knows what they are doing as so you will not get robbed legally.


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